Orders MUST be picked up within ONE WEEK (7 days) upon receipt of your message from me that your items are ready. If you do not arrange this with me within the allotted time frame, the pieces will be put up for sale to the general public. I am pretty flexible & understand special situations, so it is very important to be in contact with me regarding your order. Thank you for understanding. :)
**Located in ARLINGTON, VT**

~ Hats! ~
Infant (Newborn, 0-3 mo., 3-6 mo., 6-9 mo.) ~ $20
Toddler (Fits approximately 1-3 years) ~ $25
Child ~ $30
Teen/Adult ~ $35
*Plain beanies are cheaper...just send me a message!*)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

~ Hooded Cowl ~

 I made this Hooded Cowl for my daughter & she loves it! I went with an infinity style cowl piece but can also do them flat with buttons.  :)
Plain (single color, no add-ons) 
~ $40 (toddler/child) 
~ $50 (youth/adult)

Create Your Own (choice of colors, ears, appliques, etc.) 
~ $45 (toddler/child) 
~ $55 (youth/adult)

--> Some choices are rounded ears, pointed ears, flowers, paw prints, etc. There are so many options! Use your imagination! It is YOUR creation, have fun with it! :D
Also, the hood, cowl & ears are all separate pieces...so if you want more than one color, just say so! ;) 



~ Hair Clips ~

Custom made, you choose your color(s) for $7/pair.


~ Garden Tic Tac Toe Set ~

The Garden Tic Tac Toe Set is custom made with hand-painted ladybug & bumblebee rock pieces.
Made to order for $35/set.


~ Elephant ~

Custom made to order in your choice of color(s) for $30 each.


~ Mermaid Costume ~

Custom made to order in your choice of color(s).
Price dependent on size.
Fantastic photo prop!  :)



The pearl beads on both her headband & her top are hand sewn.

~ Small owl ~

Custom made to order, you choose your color(s).
$15 each ~ without nest
$18 each with a nest

 Cute little owl with a nest.  :)



~ Farm Set ~

Custom made to order for $40/set.

This farm set is super popular!
The set comes with a cow, a pig and a chicken.



I used the green buckets while they were available.  I now have to use what I can find, usually a basket.  But you can choose the ribbon colors...I suggest green & yellow (John Deere colors) or white & red (traditional barn colors).


~ Barefoot Sandals ~

Custom made in any color(s) you would like.
Baby Barefoot Sandals ~ $7/pair
Child Barefoot Sandals ~ $9/pair
Adult Barefoot Sandals ~ $10/pair

Baby Barefoot Sandals are super cute & add a bit of flair to teeny toes.  They also make great photo props!  ;)


I also make Adult sizes!  ;)
Great for the beach or summer time, in general!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Welcome to ~ Maia's Corner ~

Hi!!!   :)
Welcome to ~ Maia's Corner ~

I make lots of things & have decided this is the best way to catalog my creations!

I mainly crochet & started with a blanket for my youngest daughter while I was pregnant last year.
I was very unsure that I wanted to put myself & my work out there, free to be critiqued.  But, I will say, it has definitely been the best decision ever!!  It has gone over much better than I could have ever anticipated.  I create anything & everything...from stuffed animals to ornaments, hats, scarves, booties, etc.  By far the most popular items are my stuffed pieces!  ;)
Just because you don't see something absolutely does not mean I can't make it!!  Just ask!

Please bear with me as I try to get things all situated.  :)

~ Sam